According to Microsoft the term netbook is not good. 

Guggenheimer pointed out on June 2 in Taipei during Computex 2009 that since some of the mini-notebooks already feature capabilities more than just purely Internet browsing – which is the main purpose of the netbook – therefore the term netbook should be abandoned.

And I’m fully agree with that, even the term MID which was stamped by Intel initially for devices purely designed just for Internet now is being used to call what was before called UMPC. That’s completely crazy. Why to name them by one of it’s functions when these devices can do more than that? How I would call them? Ultra Small PCs (USPC) perhaps? Small Factor PCs (SFPC)? or just keep calling them UMPC? Probably the best thing to do is to keep using the old term UMPC instead of creating a new one and as result more confusion.

Via:  DigiTimes