Should I say new? No really,  let’s check the picture posted at Lenovo’s website and compare it with another device I was lucky enough to review:

From Lenovo’s Page Ruvo Mini Cap 7

Ultra-slim, space-saving mini PC. Fits anywhere-table, living room or even the kitchen counter. Pair it with your TV to output to larger a screen and watch videos or play games.

Lenovo used to be an IBM company that made and designed their own machine. Lately (After it was bought by a Chinese based company) I have experienced issues in their machines and now I found that they are just rebranding machines made by somebody else.

BTW, I just received a second version of the Ruvo Mini Cap 7 but this time using a different  graphic chip, it’s not using the SIS and I’m expecting to see a better performance in this one.

Lenovo – New product showcase