I don’t know how many times I have seen "infidels" writing about the extinction of the Tablet PCs. Probably the same amount of I have read all these years about new Tablet PCs being released. If the Tablet PC design is a fiasco why the company Freescale has just announced  a new device "with a tablet reference design”?.

Freescale Semiconductor has unveiled the future of the smartbook category with a tablet reference design featuring a 7-inch touch screen with up to four times the viewing area of a typical smartphone and based on a form factor that is approximately one-third the size and volume of today’s typical netbook. The solution is intended to enable a second generation of smartbook products with prices less than $200 and featuring form factors that fully leverage the power, performance and functionality advantages of advanced ARM® processor technology. It is designed to provide instant-on functionality, persistent connectivity and all-day battery life. The tablet will be demonstrated at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show running both the Android and Linux® operating systems.