Samsung’s SNE-60K e-reader

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There are few companies that know how to combine a good design, functionality and innovation and one of them is Samsung. The SNE-60k is an example of that. For the first time we will see handwriting recognition in a device that’s not using a Microsoft’s OS.

Well, here’s one e-reader that won’t have too much trouble standing out from the pack — not only does Samsung’s SNE-60K boast a 6-inch touchscreen with support for handwriting recognition, but it has a fairly unique slider design that hides some of the additional controls (no QWERTY keypad on this one, though).

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QUE Plastic Logic eBook Reader

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This is one case that proves that the size sometimes is an important point to consider when you are about to take a decision. Check this video and look how nice the newspapers are shown in an e-ink screen of this size. Oh, and on top of that, we are talking about a touch screen too!

Samsung E6

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If there is any opportunity of Business, Samsung is there. That’s why the news about the release of two eReaders, one of them with a 10 inches screen does not surprise me at all.

Sony PRS-900

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Sony has released in the last few months around 3 eReaders. A proof that this company is not ready yet to capitulate against Amazon. Now is about to release another one, this time with 3G integrated (in associations with At&T) and a 7 inches e-ink touchscreen: the PRS-900.

Kindle with more battery life and PDF Support

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That’s basically what second generation Kindle owners will get with the latest firmware, more battery life and PDF support without any conversion needed. And what about the first generation Kindle? Abandoned?, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) today announced two new enhancements to the latest generation Kindle—85 percent more battery life and a native PDF reader. — News Release

enTourage eDGe, new eReader with dual screen

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The enTourage eDGe is one of those cases where I sit for moment to think, is this what the market wants? I mean, it’s nice but I would prefer to wait for a color e-ink screen instead of sacrifice my battery life in a LCD touch screen.

Flexible e-book reader

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The Tire maker Bridgestone is thinking seriously about entering the market of the eBook Readers considering the prototypes shown in this article.  

Bridgestone says the prototype has a 10.7-inch-screen, is just 5.8mm thick (Kindle 2: 9.1mm) and can display color pages. The device can be bent to some extent since the circuit board and the electronic paper are flexible.

Color and flexible eReaders, awesome.

Tire maker Bridgestone shows world’s first flexible e-book reader

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