HID Driver for Viliv S5

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This is a really good news for Viliv S5 owners. Those that installed Windows 7 in these devices probably were disappointed when they found that there was not full HID support for the Viliv S5 touch screen. Well, Hugo Ortega has released this driver at his blog. Bravo Hugo!

I am extremely excited to share with you that Viliv has one of the most exciting updates a Tablet enthusiast can imagine, i.e. a HID (human Interface Device) Driver for their S5. With the driver the unit gets a dose of steroids allowing it to function properly with stylus and much more! Without the HID Driver the unit clumsily calls-up the TIP (Tablet Input Panel), stumbles through calibration and suffers as a Tablet PC when compared to post-upgrade!


The iPad is just a MID

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About 3 years ago Microsoft released to the market a new category of Mobile devices: The UMPCs. About a year after Intel created another category for those devices with limited functionalities: Multimedia and Internet. And they called MID. A few days ago, Apple released a device with limited functionalities too: the iPad. A new concept? Far from the reality, here is a list of MID compiled by a friend that do the same thing than the iPad.

Apple, where is your innovations this time?

Benq S6 naked

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We all like to see what’s inside of our devices, lets face it. But here is the thing, dissamsabling them is easy, what’s hard is putting them back to how they were before.

The above picture of the Benq S6 MID was shot by a young lady that loves to strip down her devices. And let me tell you, this picture is the most decent one. Check the rest here.

Samsung presents the SWD-M100 MID

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  The SWD-M100 is, as far as I can remember, the first MID using Windows Mobile 6.1.

Now, there’s a MID (mobile internet device) that we could use to blog on the go. The Samsung SWD-M100D is a WiMax + WiFi device that has both a touch display and a sliding QWERTY keyboard. The most important feature (for live blogging) is the 3 Megapixel camera in the back, that should kick the battery of my Blackberry 8320 real hard.

Via Uberguizmo