Looking for a job is a full time job


Those who knows me they know that I give any task the best of me and I do that with passion. So now I’m looking for a job with all the discipline and passion as I’m still employed. I wake up around 7:30 am. Before 8 am I’m already with my iPad checking all my emails.

I have opened accounts in all big Jobs companies online so I receive from them a bunch of emails every night. From there I open the apps for iPad or iPhone from Dice, Monsters.com and CB and start looking for new positions opened. Every time that I find a match I try to apply from the iPad. And here is the tricky part. If you have already created an account in any of these companies, you already have your resume uploaded, so in this case you can apply from the iPad. If any of these applications send you to the employer site then you can not apply from the iPad because there is not a way thanks to Apple developers and the great Steve Jobs to select a file from your iPad and upload it to a web page. So in this case I send the link to my email. Usually this process takes me almost the whole morning.

I take a lunch break around noon. After that I turn on my laptop, I start the process of applying to all those jobs that I could not apply from the iPad thanks to the magical Web Navigation Experience in this device. This process could take me up to 4 more hours believe it or not. Each application is different and I have to answer questioners, upload files, etc.

So there are 8 hours of work just like in a real job.

Using the iPad does not make the process longer. And here is why. Usually the mobile version of all these sites do not have annoying adds wasting your time. Some of these adds ask you to feel forms and if you are not aware that they are not part of the application process you end subscribing to receive calls with information about how to get certifications or degrees. That already happened to me.

All this while Republicans and Democrats discuss how to make the whole process of creating more jobs longer. It does not matter anymore if Obama goes and proposes a republican idea, right after the proposal the republicans go against it. All that is just sick! I never saw something like that with Clinton or Bush. And that makes me believe that Obama is an inept without cojones.

Unfortunately, there is not an independent candidate running so far because one thing is sure, in 2012, my vote is not going to be democrat neither republican.

I, I keep working in my new job of looking for a job while I can pay for my Internet. If I wait for Obama or the republicans I’m totally lost. And the unemployment help is not enough to pay even for the food. Not that I want any help. I even have not applied yet for it. All I need is a job. And looking for it is what I’m doing with all my heart.


FTC’s New Rules for Bloggers

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This is something that most of us do, but now it is an official rule and if you don’t do it you could receive a fine of up to $11,000 according to PCWorld, page that have analyzed the regulations and summarized them in this article

As of December 1, the Federal Trade Commission is going to require bloggers, and prominent tweeters and Facebook types to disclose any paid endorsements to their followers, online friends and readers.

Every time that I receive anything from any company I say it clearly in my reviews. And that’s something learned from my other fellows bloggers. We do it because we think that is unethical to hide this fact. Others just do it because they feel more important saying that X company sent him/her X product to review. Come on! A little bit of fame does not hurt anybody.

Another fact that I do not hide and my fellows MVPs do not hide too is that we are MVPs. That means that we are supposed to show the world all the new and good things that Microsoft releases. It does not mean that we should not criticize Microsoft but it says clearly that we believe in Microsoft and we like Microsoft products.

Anyway, it’s good to know these new regulations to avoid the fine. And be clear… This applies too to anything that any of you write in any forum. If you are bashing a product from the competition you should mention clearly what company you are working for.

Ultra Mobile Bike

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The YikeBike does not have anything to do with PCs but it’s Ultra Mobile.

Now, here is the biggest problem and why to be green is not a popular way of life. The price for this bike is $5500! That’s half of the price of a small car! And you get 4 wheels and a roof! For half of this price you buy a scooter!