Jailbreak is legal

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The US Copyright Office says that Smart Phone owners have the right to run whatever software they want in their phones. As result, Jailbreak is Fair Use!

Jailbreaking the iPad might void your Apple warranty and even your terms of service from AT&T, however the US government has just ruled the practice legal under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). The exemption applies for three years until the next rulemaking review, and brings the practices of independent software developers into the mainstream.

Copyright Office: iPad Jailbreak is Fair Use | The iPad Guide


Antennagate continues

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While Apple is posting videos showing their tests in other phones, a move that many consider a bad one, other videos lately published show that the issue is worse than what has been admitted by the company.

This video proves that a simple touch affects web page loading, stopping it completely.



The Spot from Cameron Hunt on Vimeo.

Video Clearly Shows Antenna Defect on iPhone 4 Web Browser

iPhone 4: Picture of the day

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Why to hide it when it’s a new feature!

Job’s email got Hitler’s attention

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The questionable Apple’s Quality Control

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This is not the first time Apple has Quality Control issues. Google can help you to find them. But what I have read  today in an article written by my friend and coworker Adam Stafford is more than enough. Check this video:

Hard to believe, is not it? This can’t be fix with a software patch. Unless you want to apply the following fix that will make me rich, just think about, according to Apple 600,000 units have been sold already if I sell to everyone of this owner a $2 rubber case… I’ll end making 1.2 million!

Froyo is here!

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Froyo has been released and the news is all over the web! After a little bit of digging in Google I found the file and here it’s in my Nexus!

Talking Touch Dialer

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Guys if you are driving, please do not "text". And please, do not try to make a call unless you have it in your speed deal, looking in your contacts will distract you and eventually you may have an accident. But here is a solution, Talking Touch Dialer allows you to navigate in your contacts with very little distraction because it reads the contacts for you, once you find the one that you are looking for, with just a gesture it dials it for you.

You can watch a demo here, it’s in Spanish but I can tell you, the program speaks in English better than me!

You can find it in the Android Market using this barcode:

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